About Us

BabyBuddy was put together to support families & careers with children 0-14 living with learning disabilites. Because we know how stressful it can be coming to terms with what happens to our children and how help & support from us & other parents can give you that extra bit of support you may feel you need. For some families having a supporting family is enough, but for others meeting new families can make you feel more able to manage. We all have children with simliar needs and this can be a great support 

Ask your support group for help - remember they've heard it, seen it and been there before, dont feel embarrassed asking our other parents about their experiences if you feel this will help you. Pop in to a drop-in and meet us.

BabyBuddy will have been running for a year on the 24th April so we will be offering 6 children and 6 adults for an exciting all inclusive day out to Blacklands farm. Transport, Activites and Food. For more information please click to community above.

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